Joint border patrol intercepts 2 men with 42.9m CFA

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A joint border security patrol has arrested two men  for allegedly attempting to cross into Niger Republic with 42.9 million West African CFA franc in their possession.

The suspects, Aliyu Abubakar and Maude, were arrested at Kamba, Kebbi State, a town close to the  border with Niger, according to the Coordinator, Border Drill Operations Sector 4, Alhaji Aliyu Mohammed.

Border Drill Operations Sectors consists of security agents from the customs, immigrations, police, army and a representative from the office of the National Security Adviser (NSA) working at the country’s borders.

Mohammed told reporters in Katsina, that one of the  suspects was arrested with 32 million CFA franc in his possession, while the other carried  10.9 million CFA franc.

He said that the two suspects had no valid travel document for their trip to Niger Republic.

He said: “Normally, if you have huge amount of money and you want to go out of the country, there is a regulation.

“First of all, you must have valid document for travelling, secondly, you have to declare your currencies at the customs desk.

“Not more than $10,000 or equivalent is allowed to go out, however, these people were crossing illegally without document and with this large amount of money.”

The coordinator also said that the operatives apprehended one Sani Abdullahi from Kaduna State, who attempted to bribe officers with N2.5 million.

Mohammad explained that the operatives arrested two Peugeot J5 vehicles belonging to Abdullahi, loaded with bales of second hand clothes in Sokoto State.

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“He had the courage to come and approach us with bribe, instead of him to run away, he came for negotiations.

“So, to show the world that we are out to work. We are working for the nation, we are not here for money

“He entered negotiations with us, with a promise that he would  give N2.5 million bribe, but he could only offer N1.5 million cash.

“We arrested him together with the N1.5 million bribe, the money is exhibit,” he said.

Mohammed further revealed that the joint security patrol made over 10 seizures with Duty Paid Value (DPV) of N473.4 million within the Katsina State sector 4, in two weeks,

He said the Border Drill Operations Sector 4 comprises of Katsina, Kebbi, Kaduna, Sokoto and Zamfara States.