Bowen Varsity cautions Nigerians against deforestation

By Adesoji Adeniyi, Osogbo


Nigerians have been warned to do away with deforestation and overgrazing to prevent climate change.

A senior lecturer in Bowen University, Iwo in Osun State, at the College of Agriculture, Dr. Vincent Ishola, said that it was expected that climate change would disrupt world inhabitants by causing extinction of some species, adding that Africa would be more vulnerable than other continents.

Speaking on the topic with the theme “Stop Soil Erosion, Save Our Future”, to commemorate the 2019 World Soil Day, Ishola said that 33 percent of the fertile soil had been washed away by erosion which, according to him, could be prevented and controlled by planting grasses.

Ishola, who charged the government to sensitise the people on how to prevent and control soil erosion in their localities, said: “We join the rest of the world to celebrate the Soil Day and ask the government to raise awareness among the people about the soil health.  Our experience has shown that erosion is a problem to crop production and if we fail to prevent it, it will destroy the present and coming generations.

“We can stop soil erosion through conservation including best agronomic practices. We can reduce tillage or no-tillage, permanent organic cover by retaining crop residue and crop rotations. All these practices will help mitigate climate change effect.”

However, the coordinator for Bachelor of Agriculture Programme in the university, Dr. Lawal Tunde, urged the people to guard against anything that could decrease value of the soil for good living of human being.