Air-force chief inspects ongoing projects

Halimah Balogun


THE Chief of the Air staff (CAS), Air Marshal Sadique Abubakar, on Saturday, undertook an inspection tour to assess 2019 capital projects including Nigerian Airforce C-130 aircrafts and other projects which include the renovation of the residential blocks for officers.

After the inspection tour, the CAS expressed satisfaction with the progress of the work on the PDM and the renovation and also lauded the efforts of the government in ensuring that the Air Force personnel are taken care of.

According to him, “The human being is the most important resource, unless you take care of the human being, chances are that they will not be effective and that’s why we are ensuring that we renovate their accommodation, provide adequate accommodation for them and from what I have seen from Ikeja to this place.

“I think we have made substantial progress. I am happy and I believe at the end of the day it will impact positively on what the personnel are doing in terms of providing logistic support to Nigerian Air Force operations.

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We want to appreciate the federal government for the support given to us so that our personnel are taken care of and we also want to appreciate members of the National Assembly, particularly the committee on Air-force in the Senate and House of Reps for ensuring that we have the required resources to be able to support these personnel and their family members,” he said.

He disclosed that the second C-130 which is the PDM 913 will be launched on Tuesday and handed over formally to the Nigerian Air Force “By Tuesday we are going to have the inauguration of PDM 913, this is the second aircraft of course and very soon we are preparing for the third C130 and that I believe at the end of that one we should have developed sufficient capacity to be able to handle PDM locally in Nigeria,” he stated.

Speaking on the ongoing Operation Rattle Snake, he noted that the Nigerian Air Force has substantially achieved what it set out to achieve in terms of degrading the capacity of Boko Haram.

“The objective is to ensure that we create an enabling environment for our ground forces to be able to conduct their own operations without any hindrance and I think we are doing that very well,” he explained.