Management experts proffer solutions to inertia

By Victor Odiase


Experts have identified strong vision, values, flexible strategies and determination as part of driving force to break away from stagnation and achieve significant personal and business successes.

At a one-day transformational workshop on “Overcoming the Law of Inertia” organised in Lagos by Hanan Consulting, management experts said stagnation in business and personal endeavours is usually due to absence of strong vision, mission and passion to transform dreams into reality.

Director, John C Maxwell Team and Consultant, JF Consulting, United Kingdom, Mr Emmanuel Jones, said the world is a volatile, ambiguous, complex and uncertain and as such people must have strong vision to be able to keep up with inevitable changes.

According to him, to survive the fast changing dynamics of the business world, existing and new business owners must be ready to make critical choice at every given chance in order to drive the much-needed change.

“You must make a choice to take a chance or you will never change,” Jones said.

He outlined that in order to break away from inertia, people must have clear vision, know their potential to fulfill their vision, develop a concrete plan for their vision, possess passion for their vision, believe in their vision and understand the process of their vision.

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He also underscored the need to set priority for one’s vision and to understand the influence of others on such vision.

Managing Director, Nitro 121, Mr Lampe Omoyele, outlined the three key elements of personal brand identity to include vision, value and verve.

He noted the need for proactive change management noting that many people and organisations have become irrelevant today because they did not anticipate or adapt to change.

According to him, people must identify their personal brand purpose and proposition and establish and live their core values with courage in order to develop a viable personal brand identity.

“Use your time, talent and treasure wisely, keep right company, network with purpose, show etiquette, drop self-limiting habits and cultivate new positive ones, be the best you can be, unlearn, learn, relearn, try new things and stay relevant,” Omoyele, a former marketing director at Airtel Nigeria, said.

Founder, School of Consulting, Mr Shola Ajani, spoke about recognizing one’s space, growing it and staying there.

He identified seven steps to overcoming inertia and implement change including starting with those small positive actions like research, creating a daily routine of steady actions, being specific, believing in one’s will power, not worrying about small disappointment, rewarding oneself and enlisting support of others in other to create positive peer pressure.

“An accountability partner or a supportive community increases your chance of success. Don’t go it alone. Check in with these people regularly. Tell them about your project. Have them ask you about it when they see you. You can’t fall off the radar when you enlist support,” Ajani said.

Managing Partner, Hanan Consulting, Idongesit Ufot, said the workshop was designed to impact and transform participants to the successes they are meant to be.

According to him, stagnation has wrecked a lot of havoc in Nigeria as many cases of suicides in recent period could be traced to stagnation in one form or the other.

He noted that whatever the challenges, people must not allow inertia to hold them down from pursuing new initiatives.

“Choose to see every failure as an opportunity to learn and fail forward,” Ufot said.