Lionel Messi’s 4-Year-Old Son Scores, Mimics Dad’s Goal Celebration

Mateo Messi, the 4-year-old son of soccer star Lionel Messi, recently scored a goal and copied his dad’s celebration after drilling the attempt.

Messi’s wife Antonela Roccuzzo posted a video of the sequence Wednesday on Instagram. Mateo was celebrating his birthday. He is the middle child in the Messi family. Messi’s oldest son is Thiago, 6, and his youngest is Ciro, 1.

“Happy birthday my love,” Antonela wrote for the caption on the video. “Just wish you to be happy all your life and never stop being that cute character that makes our lives happy.”

Mateo sported an FC Barcelona jersey and placed the ball on the penalty spot during the sequence. He took a few quick steps to the ball before belting a right-footed shot into the net. Mateo let out a celebratory scream before kissing his hands and raising them to the sky. He then did the sign of the cross.

Antonela also included photos of Mateo and Ciro in the social media post, which had nearly 1.5 million likes by Thursday morning.

Messi had 51 goals and 19 assists in 50 games last season. He had 36 goals and 13 assists in 34 La Liga appearances. Rival Cristiano Ronaldo had 28 goals and 10 assists in 43 games last season. Ronaldo had 21 goals and eight assists in 31 games last season in Serie A.

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