Neymar: Man of the moment

The impasse between Barca and PSG since Neymar was transferred to the latter is the main point of this discussion.

It is no surprise that Barca’s arch rival, Real Madrid are in the news bidding for Neymar from PSG to join them. It is said that the money Real Madrid offers Neymar is very huge, which he can not turn down because of the possible fecundity in his sport investment. It is believed only Ronaldo or Messi can be offered such money because they can commensurate with the lucre.

Neymar is the man of the moment to have been offered Ronaldo’s-like-or-Messi’s-like-exclusive priority while he can never match them.

As the Neymar is the man of the moment, is a testimony that the yesteryear players had done all what was supposed to entertain the spectators while watching which brought about the enthusiasm of the game. They were patriotic and had the great passion to play for either their country or professional teams.

Unlike in this age that the neophyte players are inclined to accept money than to prepare themselves and become famous like the yesteryear players.

The interesting saga now is between Barca and Real Madrid, while Neymar is disposed to make choice between my self-asserted opinions. He is likely to join Real Madrid for the supposed lucre, and ignore Barca, forgetting how up up… they have (had) been cheering him and yearning for his return (although he can’t be Messi). Make wise choice, Neymar.

Ahmad Hussaini Baffa, Hadejia, Jigawa State

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